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MDGA Board of Advisers

The Miniature Dairy Goat Association has appointed a board of advisors.  They are the chairperson for most of the programs that MDGA offers.  This new board is the first step in making the registry a representative run organization.

The New board is consists of:

Jacqui Wilcox


Lacia Lynne Bailey DHIA Coordinator
Shelley Weber Show Chairperson
Paula Terrell AI Chairperson
Betty McCorkle Newsletter Editor
Ed Kinser Judges Chairman
Andrea Green Manager

These people will be permanent members of the board for a period of five years.  Later this year there will be an opportunity for one member of each district to join the board for one year term as a representative for their district. Their term will begin on 1/1/14.  They will be elected by the members of their district.

If you have any questions about any of our programs, please contact the chairman with the links above.